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Forms and Documents

HISD Forms and Documents

403(b) Salary Reduction and Allocation Agreement
Acceptable Use Policy (English)
Acceptable Use Policy (Spanish)
Activity Fund Accounting Procedures
Administration Room Checkout Form
Athletic Handbook
BLUE Form Federal Pre-Acquisition Approval Form
Business Card Order Form
Community Relations Fees
Contract for Use of HISD Facilities
Copyright Infringement
Deposit Worksheet
DGBA Employee Complaint Form - Level 1
DGBA Employee Complaint Form - Level 2 or 3
DGBA Employee Complaint Form - Level 4
District Improvement Plan 2014-2016
EDGAR Justification for Funding Accountability
Emergency Operations Parent Letter (English)
Employee Handbook 2017
Employee Sick Leave Bank Program
Employee Transfer Request Form
Employee Travel Procedures
FMLA Form C-1 Certification for Employee
FMLA Form C-2 Certification for Family Member
FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities
FNG Student / Parent Complaint Form - Level 1
FNG Student / Parent Complaint Form - Level 2 Appeal
FNG Student / Parent Complaint Form - Level 3 Appeal
FNG Student / Parent Complaint Form - Level 4 Appeal
GF Citizen Complaint Form
Immunization Requirements (English)
Immunization Requirements (Spanish)
No Child Left Behind Statement (English)
Options and Requirements for Special Education (English)
Parent Involvement Policy - English
Parent Involvement Policy - Spanish
Payroll Requisition Form
Physical Evaluation / Examination Form
Pre-Acquisition Approval Form
Professional Dress Code Guidelines
Request for Budget Transfer
Request for Employee Travel Form
Request for Records Form
Request for Student Travel Form
Request for Travel Reimbursement
Requisition Attachment
Scholarship Application
Sick Leave Bank Request Forms
Student Code of Conduct 2017/2018 (English)
Student Code of Conduct 2016/2017 (Spanish)
Student Handbook 2017-18 (English)
Student Travel Procedures
Texas Student Success Initiative (English)
Unbudgeted Compensation Form