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HISD Federal Programs

HISD - Federal Programs

Hereford ISD’s Federal Program Departments intent and purpose is to support our At Risk student population and assist students to meet their academic success.

  • Our instructional settings are intended to remove barriers, improve performance and program outcomes. 
  • Our intent is to close the gaps of learning success for our at risk student.
  • Our purpose is to strengthen accountability using supplemental federal funding.

HISD Federal Support

Maureen Self – Director Federal Finance / State Finance
Yolanda Gavina – Executive Director Federal Programs
Blanca Mariscal - Federal Administrative Secretary

NCLB Program Support

Title I, Part A
Contact: Yolanda Gavina

Title I, Part C Migrant
Contact: Yolanda Gavina

Title II, Part A
Contact: Maureen Self

Title III – LEP / Immigrant
Contact: Ruth Ann Vessels

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Title I - Part A         Title I - Highly Qualified Presentation         Title I - Part C - Migrant

Title II - Part A          Title III - LEP / Immigrant          Title VI          Title I Focus HS - JH

          Federal Program Intent and Purpose          Entitlements