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HISD Chief Academic Officer

Mark Stokes

Mark Stokes

Mr. Stokes earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern New Mexico University in 1990 and returned in 2001 for a Master’s degree in School Administration at West Texas A&M. He began his career with HISD in 1991. He has served as an elementary teacher for 6 years, HJH teacher for 5 years, Girls Golf Coach for 7 years, Assistant Principal at HJH for 4 years, District Testing Coordinator for 7 years, Curriculum Director for 3 years, and was named Chief Academic Officer in October 2016.

Curriculum Team:

Mark Stokes - Chief Academic Officer
      Cindy Martinez - Administrative Assistant
Ruth Ann Vessels - Director Curriculum & Learning
      Victoria Aguilar - Administrative Assistant
Joy Kilian - Director of Special Education
     Maria Gonzalez - Administrative Assistant
Dana Friel - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Christie Volmer - Chief Human Resources Officer
      Angie Constancio - Administrative Assistant
Sheri Blankenship - Superintendent
      Carolyn Hiltbrunner - Administrative Assistant

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